January 28, 2015


Diane in South Beach Testimonial


” I have known Ms. Leone for the past five years, both in her capacity as a member of the District Board of trustees (now Chair) of St. Johns River State College and as an active member of the St. Augustine and St. Johns County communities. Ms. Leone possesses a vast array of skill sets…including:

  1. She has extensive knowledge in fundraising, event planning, contractual negotiations, business management and political operations.
  2. She is creative in both her critical thinking and problem solving.
  3. She is well known to the political, social and business communities.
  4. She has demonstrated her leadership abilities both as Chair of the College’s District Board of Trustees and as a Gubernatorial appointee to several State Level Education advisory Boards.”

Joe Pickens, J.D.- President, St. Johns River State College


“I have known and been associated with Diane Leone for over 10 years. She is a very competent, sincere and hardworking professional. On many occasions, I have had the pleasure of consulting with Diane on her vision, experience and suggestions. Her grasp of the conceptual to the business skills and knowledge to coordinate many contractual aspects of a project are impressive.

She is very well respected both on a local and national level. I have interacted with Diane on projects and have observed her diplomatic abilities to organize and communicate to large groups and on large-scale projects. I have consistently found her to be very capable of producing significant and first class results.

Diane is a proven professional who carves a path to success in whatever she endeavors.”

Brenda Bushell-President-Legacy Events & Entertainment


“Diane is committed to outstanding customer service and delivers it successfully with a high level of professionalism. Diane has proven to be very effective in media relations and public relations management. With her attention to detail and her ability to see the big picture while managing the myriad of small details, I believe she will be a huge asset and excellent candidate for whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue in life”

John Thrasher, Senator, Florida Senate, District 8


Testimonial :

“Diane demonstrates the ability to learn a complicated program quickly and to summarize that program in accessible, visually attractive material. She possesses considerable expertise with using the Internet as a promotional tool. Her many years of marketing experience combined with an incredibly creative problem-solving style make her a remarkable resource”

Amy Lane, Program Manager, Community Resources, Northeastern
Early Steps


“Diane’s consulting skills and resources in many instances were the difference between a good event and an outstanding event. her attention to detail and her ability to envision the big picture and to manage the minutia were instrumental to successful outcomes”

Susan F. Wildes, Senior Community Relations Consultant, BCBS, FL


“As a professional homebuilder for over 15 years, I have rarely encountered a marketing professional with Diane’s thorough knowledge of the industry. Her superlative work is indicative of that knowledge, and I therefore feel privileged to recommend Diane to any residential homebuilder or any business looking for innovativeness, outstanding work quality, and impeccable execution”

Paul G. Axtell, President, Classic American Homes

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