January 26, 2015

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Diane Leone is a celebrity travel and lifestyle journalist and photographer, a published author of two books and 65 columns and articles that can be found both in print and online.


As a serial Entrepreneur, Diane is the founder of

  • Leone Social, A Digital Agency-helping companies market their brand online
  • The Marketing Edge, a marketing & communications firm
  • Diane Leone Design-An award-winning interior design firm
  • Video Shorts, an online video company

Diane writes about her travels with a unique voice and is available to write articles on assignment for editors. Her writing is well researched, accurate, and entertaining. Diane will adapt an article to reflect what the editor wants to see in the article. She can give a unique perspective of being a woman traveling alone and often writes about adventures and experiences with the hope that women will be inspired to travel and experience the world.

Freelance Writer & Photographer Diane Leone has many areas of interests and experiences and enjoys writing in many genres. She specializes in creative non-fiction articles about travel, food, wine, events, interior design, architecture, home decor, history, and weddings.

Video has become her passion from concept, content, storyboarding, filming, editing and creating, Diane works in all areas to create the perfect video for each client’s needs.

Diane is an avid traveler throughout the US and internationally. She loves to find what the locals do everywhere she goes. Diane always has her camera and phone with her to capture images and video of what she is experiencing and quite often her photos end up in her articles.

Diane has created this website for editors, publicists, and Tourist and Convention Visitor Bureau professionals who are in need of her services. Diane’s services include:

-Travel & Lifestyle Writing, Photography, and Video

-Video, especially Personalized Smart Video

-Social Media Strategist

-Content and Script Writing

-Trainer-Digital Marketing

-Speaker – conventions on writing, interior design, marketing, being an entrepreneur

Diane Leone is an Interior Designer and has written extensively about design. Her latest book, “How To Open & Operate A Financially Successful Interior Design Business” is a must-have guide for anyone thinking of opening an interior design business.

Diane has written design columns for publications, writing about design trends, furniture market experiences, and interviewing celebrities such as Nicole Miller.

Diane enjoys writing about wedding destinations and wedding design. She has edited a start-up wedding publication and produced wedding photo shoots for magazines covering such topics as wedding locations, wedding attire, and wedding tabletop settings.






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